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Look No Pins!

In 2010, when making a quilt—I tried out a new way of putting a selvage block together, without pins!
Selvage blocks
Square in a Square Book Review
I love using selvages in my projects, and found this selvage block worked perfectly in this quilt design. It is really quite easy, and once you get in some practice there really isn`t any need for pins; however, this may still be an option for you. It worked great for me. 


To begin, I gathered up my selvages and fusible interfacing. My project needed a 4" block. So, I cut the selvage strips 4 1/2" long and the interfacing into 4 1/2" squares. The fusible interfacing does not require a marked grid. I had this in my supply cabinet, as I had used it for another project.  
Selvage strips
Selvage strips - 4 1/2" long
Fusible Interfacing - 4 1/2" squares

Once I had cut enough pieces of selvage strips and interfacing squares, I was ready to fuse the strips onto the interfacing. Then placing the interfacing on the ironing surface, fusible side facing up, I carefully pressed one strip at a time onto the fusible side of the interfacing with my iron. I used a blank selvage strip on both sides, as these were going to be sewn into other blocks.

Selvages on Interfacing
Adding Selvages onto Interfacing
Ironing Selvages 
Ironing Carefully

Here, you can see... that I continued with this process until all the blocks I needed, were completed! The back side of the block is now safe to iron, as the fusible side of the interfacing is completely covered with selvage strips.
Selvage squares 
Front of Block
Interfacing block 
Back of Block

Now, we are ready to stitch down the selvage strips so they will stay in place when continuing with the quilting process.

I was able to stitch the whole block without stopping or cutting the thread. First, start by sewing down one edge of the selvage, stitching across the bottom of the strip and then continuing back up the next strip, until all the strips have been sewn down. See stitching direction in photo with green lines, below. 
Stitching Selvage block 
Stitching the Rows of Selvage Strips
Stitching lines
Stitching Line shown in Green
Chain-stitching Blocks
Chain-stitching the Blocks

When all the selvage strips have been sewn down, it is time to trim the blocks. I needed these blocks to be 4" square and so cut them to that size. They are now ready to use in my quilt project.

Trimming Block
Trimming the Block

I was delighted to find another quilt project, for my 2010 quilt challenge, that I could use more of my saved selvages. It is clear to see that once a new technique is learned that we do enjoy, many great ideas will appear...

If you haven`t yet tried making a selvage quilt and wish to see what the excitement is all about, check out the selvage blog. 

Hope this tutorial was helpful and I wish you many happy hours of creating your own beautiful quilts!!

This tutorial was first posted on my blog
 on July 21, 2010. (This blog has since been closed.)